When my family and I moved to Paris, Ontario, the last thing on our mind was the water quality in the new home, and how its very poor quality would influence everyday home life. The original company we dealt with merely installed a water softener with micro-filter with no helpful information as to the water's actual condition and the problems it would cause.
Quickly we discovered appliance operating issues, extreme hard water marks everywhere water was drawn from, bad smell, and rusty colour in standing water.
Through a referral, Dan at Provincial Water Solutions, came down on short notice to assess the situation. I was given a full report on the tap waters actual condition, a professional step by step recommendation to improve its quality with levels of options based on current budget. At no point was there any hard selling technique. It was more of a long well thought-out approach to the problem, with steps and cost in mind.
Dan and his approach is second to none; due to his character. He exemplifies honesty, accountability and being just plain easy to do business with. He created an engineering marvel!
Thank you Mr. Cyr for taking customer service to heart. On behalf of my family, many thanks.
Mike Duncan
Mike Duncan
Resident - Paris
Provincial Water Solutions proved to be a great asset in dealing with water issues and problems we face with our water system. They are reliable and provide us with good service for our needs....recommend them to anyone with water systems.
Steve Martin, Koinonia Christian Fellowship
Facilities Manager - Woolwich
Ann and I bought a townhouse in Eastbridge, Waterlooo that seemed to need everything. A friend recommended Dan at Provincial Water Solutions. We initially called Dan because the original sump pump was about 10 years old - we had a new submersible pump installed the same day. Less than a week later, one of our neighbours lost everything in their basement because their older sump pump failed.
We have since installed a water softener system to protect our new appliances and a compact Reverse Osmosis system which tastes better than the bottled water we had been buying. We did get two other quotes and they were noticeably higher. We would recommend Dan without hesitation.
Ann and Jim
Residents - Eastbridge, North Waterloo
In the restaurant and food service industry, the quality of your water affects everything you do, from the preparation of recipes to the polishing of glassware or the mopping of floors. It was important to have reliable, high-volume and professionally maintained systems for our working and drinking water supplies.
We are very satisfied with the lengthy relationship we have built with Dan and his business.
Restaurant Operator - Kitchener-Waterloo
Our equipment is sensitive and demands a steady supply of water clean of harmful minerals that can cause premature wear and failure. Dan has done several installations with us and provides routine checks and maintenance.
We are pleased to recommend Provincial Water Solutions to any large industrial or institutional client.
Manufacturer & Distributor - Cambridge


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