Do you own one of these systems?

Or...Are You a Former Papillon's Purification Systems Customer?

If you are a former Papillon’s Purification Systems / Hydrotech customer, I can help! Because of the areas that I service, I get quite a few calls from former customers of Papillon’s Purification Systems in Acton. I can help you with any questions or issues with products, service or maintenance. Simply contact me to discuss.

Residential, Commercial, Restaurant, Institutional Foodservice or Industrial…put my 35+ years of experience to work.

If you currently have a Kenmore, Hydrotech, AquaCliniq or NOVO water softener, relax…I can source replacement parts and service just about any softener, filtration system or sump pump.

Contact me if you have any problems with your existing system or if you would like to set-up a maintenance plan.

Dan Cyr
Provincial Water Solutions