Unique Problems & Solutions

Problem: Well Water

Private water sources such as wells often have these common problems:

High iron content

  • Stains plumbing fixtures
  • Stains laundry
  • Metallic taste
  • Musty odour
  • Sprinkler stains

Turbidity (suspended silt)

  • Cloudy water from suspended sand or silt
  • Common in private wells or due to water main breaks in municipal systems


  • Degradation of pipes & blue green staining on plumbing fixtures or tint in water from copper pipes reacting with acidic water (low pH)

Bad taste & Odour

  • Earthy, musty or organic odour & taste caused by decaying vegetation in surface water
  • Chlorine odor and taste often found in municipal water supplies
  • Rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulphide)


We have a Solution!

A tailored specialty system will provide a clean solution to your unique water quality challenge.

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Problem: Municipally Supplied Water

Over 85% of us get our water from a municipal water treatment plant.

  • Water is treated to a basic potable standard and distributed to your home through miles of underground pipe.
  • Disinfection agents such of chlorine or chloramines are commonly used to get the water safely to your tap.
  • Since only 1% of water is used for drinking, it is cost prohibitive to treat water to optimal drinking water standards.
  • Also, removing hardness is costly – and not a pot-ability issue, few municipalities remove hardness, leaving it up to the home-owner.


We have a Solution!

An in-home system will provide you with optimal quality water – protecting you from common water problems.

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