Specialty Systems

Effective Solutions For Multiple Water Problems

  • HTO – Hardness, Taste & Odor
    Totally refined water for every tap in your home! Luxurious soft water plus no bad taste or odor from chlorine or organics.
  • TLC – Hardness, Tannins. Lignin & Colour
    If you have hard water and also have yellow or brown colour that does not settle when left standing this system is perfect for you! The colour is likely the result of tannins caused by decaying organic matter normally present in surface water systems.
  • HIM – Hardness, Iron & Manganese
    A common problem water combination is hardness with iron &/or manganese. Iron can stain fixtures and clothes and make water smell and taste bad. This popular unit provides excellent results by providing effective removal.
  • HIMTAN – Hardness, Iron, Manganese & Tannins
    Depending on the amounts found in your water, this system may provide the perfect solution for the removal of hardness, iron, manganese & tannins. This two tank system uses both high-efficiency cation and anion exchange resin in the appropriate volumes to get the job done!
  • TAN – Tannin Removal
    If you have significant levels of tannins caused by organic matter or run-off a dedicated tannin removal system may be the best solution for you.

Make sure you have your water tested to ensure the proper product application