Hard water is a common problem caused by dissolved minerals calcium and magnesium.

Left untreated, hard water is very costly!

  • The minerals react adversely with heat and soap forming troublesome scale in pipes

  • Fixtures and soap curd or ‘scum’ on skin, hair and laundry.

The effects on Water Heaters are even more tangible:

  • Instant water heaters on hard water failed after 1.6 years

  • Gas water heaters lost 24% efficiency

  • Electric water heaters accumulate 0.4 pounds of scale for every 5 gpg of hardness.

Hard Water Costs You Money!

  • Reduce water heating costs up to $100/year

  • Cutting soap & cleaning product use by 50% saves as much as $90/year

  • Damage to fabric can cost as much as $200/year

  • Damage to plumbing & appliances can cost as much as $90/year

You could save up to $480 annually!

Soft Water…As Nature Intended!

  • Silky, shiny hair

  • Soft, supple skin

  • Crystal clear dishes

  • Bright whites & vibrant colors

  • Easier cleaning

  • No soap rings