From Google...Dan is a trusted, knowledgeable resource. Wish I could give him 6 stars! Good solid advice and service and reasonable costs. We have service for water softener, sump pump, water filter and re-routing of pipes. Dan is a good, kind person to top it all off!

J Nicholls
Homeowner, Kitchener-Waterloo
We have been in business in Waterloo for 10 years and have dealt with numerous water and maintenance companies. After several issues with our water softener and our past water service company attempting to resolve the issues unsuccessfully, we called Provincial Water Solutions. Dan Cyr was able to resolve the issue. We have been using Dan for our water and maintenance service at our locations for 3 years.
Because we are high-volume restaurants, when we need service... time is always of the essence. Dan has always responded very quickly and had us up and running with minimal interruption. Dan has always provided us with superior service and is very reliable and professional. I have used Dan personally to install a water softener in my home and would recommend his services to anyone’s home or business. I encourage anyone to contact me directly for any referrals on Dan’s service. 519-880-1828.
Boston Pizza – Waterloo
Kevin May - Boston Pizza (Waterloo)

We have been using Dan for many years now for all our water softener and maintenance issues at our restaurant. Time and time again Dan proves to be reliable, professional and always finishes his work in a timely manner. Dan makes sure to get his work done with minimal interruption to our business and the quality of his work is remarkable. I would highly suggest using Provincial Water Solutions any time you are in need of any maintenance issues.

Boston Pizza – Kitchener
Brad Cossaboom, Boston Pizza (Kitchener)

I'm more than 100% satisfied and very happy to have a high-quality water softener and a reverse osmosis water filter system installed on my house by Dan. He provided me with a fantastic service, well executed, in the best way that I could have. Besides that, his price is competitive. It is important to note that the water where I live is one of the hardest in Ontario, but now I have one of the best water in quality. I much appreciate all his work and will never hesitate to recommend Provincial Water Solutions. Thank you very much!

Ricardo Gomide
Residential customer, Plattsville

I am so happy to have been meeting Dan. He has done a fantastic job to replace my old reverse water osmosis system. He even took my old water system to recycling. It has been long time since I have a very good customer service and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. Medhane.

Med Redae
Residential Customer, Kitchener


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